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About Us

Serenity Characters

To provide opportunities for young people who are interested and want to learn more about Serenity both for themselves and others. Serenity Life Balance recently created four Characters with a deep-seated life philosophy meaning. The four characters were designed by Kim Nossek who has strong passion with creative arts.

Please click to each character to understand more about the story.

Who is Serenity Life Balance?

Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through awareness we can grow.

– Koi Fresco, Author

Our Leadership Team

Oi Mei, Amy Yuen.

  • Founder and Director
  • Master of Social Work, Australia
  • AASW Member

Amy Yuen has been working in the social welfare industry since 1985. Amy has plenty of working experience supporting people of all ages throughout their life span from beginning to end of life. Amy has a passion to promote life balance to all ages in the community so that they have a better life planning to maintain their quality of life. Amy has a lot of interests such as swimming, cycling, bush walking, drawing, and writing. Amy likes to integrate Arts therapy and writing in the healing process, particularly for mental health benefits.

Ling Tong

  • Assistant Director/Life Education
  • Education – teacher
  • Graduate Diploma in Education from The University of Melbourne

Interests: reading, swimming, talking, cooking, gardening, and travelling

Passion: teaching, organising well-being activities, watching the funniest action scenes, studying relationships between health, mindfulness and spirituality

Pui-yu, Doris Chan

  • Assistant Director – Life Balance Consultation
  • Registered Social Worker (Hong Kong)
  • Accredited Family Mediator (HKMAAL)
  • Billings Ovulation Teacher

Interests : Jogging, swimming & knitting

Passion : Believe people can change with their inner resources.
Every day is a new day for challenge.

Lizz Marshall

Mentoring Program Manager

Lizz Marshall has long had a passion for working with people. Over 30 years of experience, working within the disability sector. Both in management and hands-on experience.

With a diverse range of talents, she is not open to bragging about them unless you ask. In the past year, she has come on board at Serenity life balance to support our team as the Mentoring team leader. 

Motto: Create strength and harmony, through balance in one’s own life. 

Vision: Giving back to the community through mentoring and empowerment
Help to prepare the next generation of emerging leaders. But don’t forget the ones that have been before, they still have plenty to give. 

Sharon Johnson

  • Assistant Director – Interculturality and Well-being
  • Registered Div 2 Nurse, Diplomas in Leisure and Health, Business and Family History.

Interest: My interests are varied relating to craft activities including Scrapbooking, Card making, photography, coloring, Terrarium making and storytelling.
Passion: Sharing my interests to inspire others to remain active in their communities.

Past Events

What Our People Say

One Eyed Person (一目人)

One Eyed Person (一目人) was found in the Chinese Ancient Literature, Classic of Mountains and Rivers 山海經 which was written in between the Warring States Periods (475-221 BC) to The Han Dynasty of China (202 BC – 9AD, 25-220AD). In this ancient literature, it recorded that there was a One-Eyed Nation (一目國). People living in the One-Eyed Nation only had one eye in the middle of their forehead. People with one eye could only see things in one direction and disregarding of the other directions or perspectives. Because of that, fighting and conflicts were a way of life in this country. Wars happened all the time because they could not see other’s point of view.

If people want to live peacefully in their life, they need to have a wider perspective, to accept others who have different opinions so that they can see the beauty of the world from the other side.

Ego Bird (我所鳥)

Ego Bird (我所鳥), was derived from a Buddhist story, which recorded that the previous life of a greedy rich man, was as an Ego Bird. The Ego Bird lived in a tree with a lot of seeds. However, the Ego Bird did not allow anyone to take the seeds away. When someone wanted to take away the seeds, the Ego Bird yelled, ‘this is mine and this is mine’. It ended with the Ego Bird feeling very tired and died eventually without eating any seeds.

The Ego Bird has greedy and strong ego and does not like sharing. Finally, the Ego Bird did not receive any benefit from his greed. The opposite was true.

Peace Parrot (和平鸚鵡)

Peace Parrot (和平鸚鵡), is a colorful and beautiful parrot. Because it loves peace and has beautiful heart, it always lives with freedom and happiness. Beauty is within us all.

Serenity Bear (善思小熊)

Serenity Bear (善思小熊), is kind and lovely. It always smiles. Serenity Bear believes that the key to achieve serenity is ‘Love’ and to embrace ‘VOICE’ – Value, Optimism, Integrity, Connection and Empowerment. We create Serenity through balance in our lives.